Tirolina? Rafting? Horse ryding? Snowmobiles? Eizasa Hotels offer you all our experience in the aragonesee Pyrenees to recomend you the best activities.

No matter if it is a family trip, a business trip por a friends adventure: we advice to you the same so can get in touch with the best adventure Companys so your stay with us can be an extraordinary success.

Tell us the activity you would like to do and let us surprise you.  In our hotels in Jaca, Canfranc Estación or Badaguás you will be able to combine your adventure with all our services such as spa circuit, outdoor swimming pool or cycling routes (for instance).

Live an experience in the Pyrenees like you have never experienced before.


Jump from a tower where you will go 950 metter distance to the finish line. In this flying trip you will be able t osee all the valey from a new point of view, from the swamp to our landing of 115 metters.

This is a guided walk from one tree to another, with tirolina, wood briges or several aereal circuits, also adapted to all dificulty levels.

La Cuniacha is a natural park, a forest located in the heart of the aragonese Pyrenees where you may see more tan 120 animals from 14 different speces who lives inside the park.

Courses for golf beginners in 18 holes guided on the Badaguas golf field. A perfect enviroment for practicing, with strategical bunkers in each tee.



Rafting is one of the most entertaining and most demanded activities for families and group of friends. It consisto n descending a river on a special boat, with an spectacular sightseen and having a lot of fun.

Easier that climbing and with the same sensation of verticality. Several paths all over natural walls, fully equiped, without a hard difficulty that lead us to incredible places.

Trekking means to walk by natural paths and routes enjoying the views. It is a very high demanded activity for those who wants to meet different places of the Pyrenees, no matter the physycal level, beacause we can adapt the jouney to the participants.

Canyoning is one of the most beautifull activitys that you can practice on the Pyrenees. The goa lof the trip is to descend a canyon with or without wáter, walking, climbing, with ropes and even swimming. Everything is posible when you face this adventure.



Enjoy the real paintball in the city of Jaca, with all the new equipment and paintbaill weapons in a natural enviroment where you can practice it with your family or friend. It is even adapted for children.

This is a sport of resistance and enviromental beauty where will walk with several sticks similar to those used for skiing. It is dated on the 30s where the first people on practicing this sport started to walk simulating the movement that you do when you skii.

Individual or groupal courses to dominate skating and hockey.

Guided routes with horses through the Pyrenees mountains. Activity directed for experts and the uninitiated.



An exceptional way of enjoying the sightseen of the Pyrenees. Become a real pilot though the valleys and its wild nature all over kilometers of mountains covered by the snow.

This is the most natural way of walking on the Mountain with the snow as you ally. Nowadays is is usual to see a lot people enjoying those kind of trips and routes.

Different routes and levels in La Partacua área of 1 hour time.

High Mountain expedition for one unfogettable experience: build your own iglu house.


Tell us your data and we will send you all the information what you need.